Lee Harvey Oswald Band Blastronaut (Black or Limited Edition Green Vinyl)

$ 18.00

Limited Edition of 500 green vinyl Blastronaut LP:  $21.00 

OR  Black vinyl Blastronaut LP:  $18.00
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Blastronaut still stands as the best album you’ve never heard.  If the Foo Fighters wrote this album the world would be wanking in the streets.”    – Ginger Wildheart
Blastronaut was a keystone album in mid-90’s Turbo circles.  The masterful songwriting and glammyness struck home with us.”  – “Happy Tom” of Turbonegro
"…the second-best rock album of the nineties, better than Nevermind ...”       –  S.L. Duff, Lost in the Grooves, 2005

Album Track Listing:
1. The Greatest Man Who Ever Walked the Face of the Earth
2. Surrender Earthlings
3. Rocket 69
4. Easy Amplification
5. Panic in Hanoi
6. Brontosaurus
7. Morphodite
8. Green Like the Color of Blood
9. You Talk Sunshine...I Breath Fire
10. The Scorpio Letter
11. Madeline Loves the Leeches

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