BRAINIAC The Predator Nominate E.P. (Silver Vinyl)

$ 24.00

Release Date is January 20, 2023.

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in the incomparable 90's band known as Brainiac. Now, in 2023, comes the latest missive of the archive, harkening back to the band's latter era - and their most prolific and confident period. The Predator Nominate EP is a celebration of what was to come before the tragic exit of ringleader / singer Timmy Taylor. Listen to these realized demos and imagine what only could have been the confident seed of what the group might be capable of in this future century versus the last one. The world will never truly know. 

Includes 11x11 insert with liner notes written by John Schmersal and a full album download coupon

Track Listing
Side A
Predator Nominate
Kiss of the Dog
Smothered Inside
The Game

Side B
Going Wrong
Didn't Feel
Gone Away
Pyramid Theme
Come with Me

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