Slint Spiderland (remastered) Limited Edition CDs + DVD In LP Size Gatefold (Remnant From Box Set)

$ 22.00

As 2014 comes to a close, and we are organizing the shelves in our warehouse and office, we have gathered together the remaining few bits and pieces related to the Slint Spiderland (remastered) Box Sets.  The idea of throwing out a 180 gram LP just because it has no album jacket, or a fancy Slint coffee table book only because it is blemished just seemed wrong. At least as long as there was a possibility that some one (you, maybe?) might want one. We've decided to offer these remaining individual box set pieces here on our web store. Please be sure to look through all the remaining box set items listed as you might be interested in more than one of them.  These are left overs, so once they are gone... there will be no more made.

The item you are currently looking at is an old-style 12" album size gatefold LP jacket containing a CD of Slint Spiderland (remastered), a CD of the 14 bonus tracks from Slint Spiderland (remastered) and a DVD of the Slint documentary by Lance Bangs titled "Breadcrumb Trail". These items were printed to be included in the Slint Spiderland (remastered) Box Set. These very few, left-over / remnant CD/DVD packages might have one or more blemishes.  The blemishes could include an ink smudge, a crack in the spine, a dented corner, etc...  Please do not purchase if you are not OK with these blemishes.  THERE ARE NO RETURNS ALLOWED. If one of your CDs or DVD do not play, we will send you a replacement. 



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