THE JESUS LIZARD Down (Remaster / Reissue)

$ 16.00

CD $16.00
Compact disc includes remastered album and 4 bonus tracks.

LP $25.00

Vinyl includes coupon for digital album download plus 4 bonus tracks not included on the LP itself. Packaged in a deluxe gatefold album jacket with 12"x 24" double sided color insert of never before seen photos and extensive liner notes by the band and by journalists who were there when it was all happening. 

Remastered in 2009 by Steve Albini and Bob Weston... you know it sounds amazing. 

Track Listing
1.  Fly On The Wall
2.  Mistletoe
3.  Countless Backs Of Sad Losers
4.  Queen For A Day
5.  The Associate
6.  Destroy Before Reading
7.  Low Rider
8.  50 ¢
9.  American BB
10. Horse

11. Din
12. Elegy
13. The Best Parts
14. (intentionally blank track)

Bonus Tracks
15. White Hole
16. Glamorous
17. Deaf As A Bat
18. Panic In Cicero

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